The body heals and repairs during sleep

cancer recovery sleep Jan 17, 2024
It is a common misconception that the body turns off or is not active during sleep.      
The truth is the many organs in the body are the extremely active including the brain and liver.   The body is very active at night and this is the time when it HEALS, REPAIRS and DETOXIFIES.
When someone is sick they are often tired and want to sleep.  They may go to bed early, sleep hard and get up late.  It takes energy to recover and heal from infections, injury and disease. 
Day to day functions also need a lot of energy including eating and digestion, movement and exercise and mental activity and concentration.    The body is so intuitively intelligent that when that energy is needed for recovery and repair a person is generally not hungry, nor feels like doing an activity that requires a lot of effort.  That energy needs to be reserved for healing and getting better.   
The desire to sleep is the body’s way to...
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What is your cancer recovery plan?

cancer recovery Feb 05, 2018

What is your cancer prevention and recovery plan?

Approximately 10% of cancers are genetic.
That leaves 90% of cancers that are NOT genetic.
Or another way to say that is that 90% of cancers have some environmental factor including food, toxins, environmental exposures, even stress.
9 out of 10.
That is not a small percentage.

Yet, so often when someone is diagnosed with cancer the doctor or oncologist says, “It doesn’t matter what you eat or do. Just don’t smoke and I’ll see you in 6 months.”

If 90% of cancer has some environmental and/or food component, would it not make sense to spend some time on how to make changes to increase the chance of recovery and decrease the chance of a recurrence?

Healthcare, in relation to specific diseases, has four areas:

Our "healthcare" system, or should I say “symptom management” system, only focuses on 2 of the 4 areas, diagnosis and treatment.
Very little time, money...

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