Hi, I'm Jody Summers

I help you bridge the gap between mainstream medical and holistic approach of whole body health.
Whether you are recovering from cancer, healing from autoimmune or are looking to reclaim your health, I look forward to working with you.

Learn the information that is often overlooked by many mainstream doctors that IMPROVE your chance of a complete CANCER RECOVERY.

How I Can Help You

Foundations of Health

Digestive issues? Blood sugar imbalances? Aches & pains or not sleeping well?

Let me help you get back in balance. Foundational health not only helps us feel better but also stay healthy and full of energy. 

Cancer Recovery

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?
What you do after the diagnosis and treatment can make a difference in your recovery.

Learn how to help your body heal and recover strong.

Autoimmune Recovery

Do you suffer from an autoimmune issue? Do you struggle with pain & fatigue? Are you under a doctors care but still not improving as much as you would like?

Learn the root cause of autoimmune and the steps needed to feel better and recover. 

Meet Jody

With a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics & Food Science, Masters in Healthcare as well as a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Jody combines the best of mainstream medicine and a holistic approach to healing.

Whether you are RECOVERING from CANCER or HEALING from an AUTOIMMUNE issue, Jody’s expertise and experience will help you set out a plan to improve your chances of a full recovery.

The body wants to heal itself, and knows how to heal itself, when given the right raw materials and lifestyle changes to do so.
Jody’s information will give you a path to follow and a plan of information for your best chance at recovery.

Healing is as much an art as it is a science.   Everyone has a different individual makeup, circumstances, chemistry and lifestyle.
Jody’s unique combination of both the art and the science of health can give you back strong and vibrant health.

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"The nutritional assessment was extremely helpful in knowing some steps I can take to improve my health. Jody did a great job in explaining how specific nutrients can change the way I feel. "

Maribeth, TX

"I am grateful for Jody and the information she shared. I feel like I have my gut health back, my energy back and my life back on track. Even my skin looks better. "

Faith, CA

" Jody's nutritional expertise has been pivotal for me. The nutritional assessment she uses was able to pinpoint things lab tests did not and within 48 hours of applying what she taught me I was feeling improvement."

Shonna, TN


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