The body heals and repairs during sleep

cancer recovery sleep Jan 17, 2024
It is a common misconception that the body turns off or is not active during sleep.      
The truth is the many organs in the body are the extremely active including the brain and liver.   The body is very active at night and this is the time when it HEALS, REPAIRS and DETOXIFIES.
When someone is sick they are often tired and want to sleep.  They may go to bed early, sleep hard and get up late.  It takes energy to recover and heal from infections, injury and disease. 
Day to day functions also need a lot of energy including eating and digestion, movement and exercise and mental activity and concentration.    The body is so intuitively intelligent that when that energy is needed for recovery and repair a person is generally not hungry, nor feels like doing an activity that requires a lot of effort.  That energy needs to be reserved for healing and getting better.   
The desire to sleep is the body’s way to communicate it needs to use the energy to get better and heal.  
During sleep the body also detoxifys, or rids itself of things it does not need.  
Waste products are moved to the kidneys, bowels and through the lymphatic system to be eliminated once awake.  The glymphatic system within the brain helps eliminate waste products within the brain resulting in clearer thinking and less brain fog.  
To maintain quality health or to recover from illness sleep is vital. It is a LOT of work for the body to heal and repair but it can do so with the right raw materials.
Sleep is a raw material that we can give to the body for this process.
So many think that sleep is to rest.   The reality is sleep gives the body time to work to clear out the waste from the previous day to start again.  
Prioritize deep sleep.  It will not only help you feel better but will help you think more clearly.  Give your body every chance to heal, repair and detoxify.  

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